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Quorum of Delegates to be relaxed, will only

meet on a monthly basis

By Horatio Eden, international affairs editor The Quorum of Delegates of the Grand Unified Micronational is reportedly being relaxed; meetings of the legislative organ of the GUM will only take place once a month in light of inactivity. The GUM has been in something akin to dire straits recently; reports indicate that the organisation is struggling to remain relevant in light of the ever-changing pace of the micronational community (external link). Supreme Justice Bilal Irfan commented on the 22nd of December, that, while he was not “anti-GUM”, the organisation’s “role in the community is starting to dwindle and its necessity going forth is slim.” In light of these circumstances, alterations have been made to the GUM’s organisational framework; meetings of the organisation now take place on a monthly rather than weekly basis, and most discussion between nations now takes place in the less formal GUM Lounge, which is open to both observer and full members alike. When asked for a statement, former Chair of the GUM Henry Twain remarked that “We believed that changes needed to be made, so we made changes.” When asked to clarify why the GUM believed changes were necessary, he said “My administration was all about adapting the organization into whatever form it needed to succeed. Community-wide, activity isn't as monumental as it once was, so we adapted the organization to fit a new and necessary form.” Abelden holds observer membership of the GUM; this means they can observe proceedings of the Quorum of Delegates and take part in discussion in the GUM Lounge, but cannot speak during sessions of the Quorum nor vote on motions of the body. During the federal election campaign, a number of the parties - including the United Rhinoceros Party of then candidate Thomas Merrell - promised to hold an in-out referendum on Abelden’s observer membership of the international organisation, and the National Federalist Party’s Vorsitzender candidate, Alejandro Whyatt, was openly and vocally opposed to continued GUM membership, and now serves as Abeldane foreign minister. L’sydunche, which ran federal election polls all the way up to election day earlier this month, also ran polls regarding the Abeldane public’s view on remaining in the GUM; Day 27’s poll suggested that around 79% of those polled wanted to leave the Grand Unified Micronational. No poll ever returned a number less than 70% in favour of leaving. The Merrell administration has confirmed that a referendum on remaining in the GUM will take place sometime after the New Year.

28th December, 2017

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